Printing & Copying

UCSB's mascot, Ole, makes a photocopyThe library has both public photocopiers and public printers for your convenience.  Photocopiers accept coins, cash, and copy cards.  You will need to buy a copy card to print from our public printers or microform machines, and to get copies of Special Research Collections materials.

  • Copy Cards
    • Copy cards are required for printing, microform printing, and copies in Special Research Collections.
    • Buy a blank card from a copy card dispenser in UCSB Library or in the Music Library.
    • Add value to your copy card using a copy card dispenser or the card reader on a photocopier.
    • Cards are reusable; add cash value as needed.
  • Photocopiers
    • Photocopiers accept coins, cash, and copy cards
  • Printing
    • Public print stations are available throughout the library.
    • Wireless printing is available for laptop users.