Challenges to Licensing

The University of California libraries and the California Digital Library understandably receive recommendations and questions about providing the UC community with access to digital resources from the publishers mentioned on this page. Products from these publishers have been identified as priorities for systemwide licensing, but they fall well outside norms of pricing and/or other standard or desirable features for electronic content.

Creative Commons

For those looking to license their own content or to find material to use that have no barriers for reuse.

Open Access Policy Agreements With Publishers

UC has been working with publishers to secure clear rights for UC authors as part of the UC Libraries’ regular negotiations about journal subscriptions. Some publishers have agreed to respect UC authors’ rights to post their work in an open access repository – as contemplated by the UC Open Access Policy – regardless of whether terms in the publishing agreements that authors sign would normally limit that right.  The full language of the clauses, which describe the scope of this right for all UC authors, not just faculty, can be read in the redacted license agreements available from California Digital Library.