Electronic Resource & Database Access

There will be no off-campus access to Library electronic resources and databases this Friday, November 28 from 6-10pm. Library buildings are also closed for the Thanksgiving holiday during that time.

Collection Coordinators Planning Group

This group plans and creates policies for collection development and management. 


  • Sherri Barnes, Humanities Collection Coordinator
  • Cathy Chiu, Area Studies Collection Co-Coordinator
  • Gary Colmenar, Social Sciences Collection Coordinator
  • Andrea Duda, Sciences Collection Coordinator
  • Michael Kim, Head, Cataloging and Metadata Services
  • Christian Layow, Monograph Acquisitions
  • Janet Martorana, AUL, Collection Services Division (acting)
  • Catherine Nelson, Serials and Acquisitions Department Head
  • Ariane Perez, Serials Acquisitions
  • Lora Richards, Monograph Aquisitions
  • Eunice Schroeder, Head, Collection Development Department
  • Sócrates Silva, Area Studies Collection Co-Coordinator