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Santa Barbara: 1927

MIL let's you see Santa Barbara inside of Google Earth from 1927!

Mapping Team USA

"The Atlantic" maps hometowns of America's athletes.

New Aerial Photography Services

MIL is introducing new aerial photography research options as part of the Aerial Imagery Research Service (AIRS).

Library Student Worker Wins Award for His Work in MIL

Geography major Seth Gorelik, a graduating senior who has worked in the library's Map & Imagery Lab, has been awarded UCSB’s Jeremy D. Friedman Memorial Award for doing just that.

US Topo released for California!

As part of its new national map series, US Topo is now available in California. FREE!

Planning a Summer Vacation? Try Geotourism!

Places to go in your home state and beyond.

New GIS books

A list of recent additions to the book collection.

MIL Head to Discuss Chinese Research

Jon Jablonski, head of MIL since 2010, will present results of research conducted in Wuhan China on May 8.

Studying Urban Change: the LA Riots 20 years later

The Map & Imagery Lab has in its collection a series of photographs taken immediately after the Los Angeles Riots of 1992.