Below are News items in the category of Collections

Congratulations to Francisco Lomeli

Professor Francisco Lomeli has been elected to the North American Academy of Spanish Language.

Professor Emeritus Robert Murray Thomas

The UCSB Library extends their condolences to the family and colleagues of Professor Emeritus Robert Murray Thomas.

Alexandria 2.0: Making the Old New Again

UCSB Library’s online platform for storing and making accessible the Library’s unique collections of digital research materials, including images, text, streamed music and video, and numeric and geospatial data.

Henry Yang Honored by National Academy of Engineering

Chancellor Henry Yang won the Arthur M. Bueche Award from the National Academy of Engineering.

David Caldwell

Professor Emeritus David Caldwell of the Physics Department has passed away.

DPLA: The Nation’s Digital Research Library

The DPLA, rather than an enormous attic crammed with digital Americana, is a single portal that provides electronic access to collections at institutions around the country, including UCSB Library.

Samir Mitragotri Elected to National Academy of Medicine

Samir Mitragotri has been elected to the National Academy of Medicine.

Joseph Incandela: 61st Annual Faculty Research Lecturer

UCSB physicist Joseph Incandela has been chosen as the 61st annual faculty research lecturer.

New Licensed Resource: Foreign Office Files for China

Researchers at UCSB now have access to Foreign Office Files for China.

New Licensed Resource: African American Communities

UCSB researchers have access to African American Communities, a resource that presents multiple aspects of the African American community through a variety of sources.