UC3: UC Curation Center

A major part of the UCSB Library’s mission has always been the acquisition, management and preservation of information resources for the UCSB community. In the digital era, that focus continues. While the UCSB Library routinely provides researchers of all levels access to a variety of digital information and resources, we are also aware that students and faculty are producing their own digital resources. In partnership with the California Digital Library, UC Libraries, and others, the UC Curation Center (UC3) was developed to meet the digital content management needs of the scholarly community.

UC3 is a suite of digital curation services established to assist researchers in sharing, managing, and preserving their digital content. The Center defines digital curation as “the set of policies and practices focused on maintaining and adding value to trusted digital content for use now and into the indefinite future. Curation encompasses preservation and access, and can be applied to the humanities, social sciences, and sciences.” Notable UC3 services include:

  • Merritt, a cost-effective repository service that lets the UC community manage, archive and share its digital content across disciplinary communities. Annual fees for storage are only $1/GB. Features include an easy-to-use interface for deposits and updates, access via persistent URLs, tools for long term management, and permanent storage.
  • EZID, a service that makes it simple for digital object producers to obtain and manage long-term identifiers for their digital content. Identifiers can be assigned to anything: scientific databases, technical reports, audio files, digital photographs, and non-digital objects.
  • Data management planning consultation services and resources for creating data management plans for research projects and funding agencies. Get information about format, agency, and discipline-specific guidelines. Learn about the general principles for managing data, and the much anticipated online tool for generating data management plans.

For more information contact your department’s subject librarian (online directory at http://www.library.ucsb.edu/subject-librarians); UCSB’s UC3 liaison, Sherri L. Barnes, barnes [at] library [dot] ucsb [dot] edu; or email UC3 directly, UC3 [at] ucop [dot] edu