Aerial Photography Tools

Appointments are required for on-site aerial photography research. Call us at 805-893-2779 to make an appointment.

Use these tools to explore our collections of aerial photography and satellite imagery. These tools are constantly evolving, so some may look better than others. Feedback is always appreciated!

Frequently Requested Flights

'Ready Reference' guides to the most useful photography in our collection. Use these guides if you want to assemble a decade-by-decade snapshot of an area located in the greater San Francisco Bay / Sacramento areas, or Los Angeles, San Diego, or the tri-counties of Ventura, Santa Barbara, and San Luis Obispo.

Comprehensive Aerial Photography Lists

Fairchild Flights from Whittier College

A list of Fairchild Aerial Surveys flights acquired from Whittier College in 2012 can be downloaded as an Excel spreadsheet. Descriptions of the areas covered are included for each flights.

Scanned Air Photo Indexes

Direct access to the web folders where we store index maps as JPEGs and PDFs. Arranged by flight code.

Other Items of Interest

  • Mark Hurd Flights
    A list of Mark Hurd flights including descriptions of the location covered. This list includes all uncatalogued Mark Hurd flights. Cataloged Mark Hurd flights can be found in the aerial photography lists found above.
  • Flight Codes
    Every photograph in the collection is part of a flight. We use flight codes to name scanned photos as well as group them together on the shelf.
  • USDA county code map
    USDA flights are signified by 3-letter code for each county.
  • Significant holdings
    A description of major gifts and purchases that comprise the majority of our aerial photo collection.
  • Getting started with aerial photography
    • Air Photo Scale
      View examples of aerial photography at a range of scales to determine the most useful scale for your project.
    • Image Resolution
      Examples of aerial photography scanned at 600, 1200, and 2400 ppi.
    • Identifying Air Photo Flights
      Use this guide to begin identifying flights that cover your area of interest.  
    • Reading Indexes
      A guide to reading the variety of indexes for our aerial photography collection.
  • Request Reproductions
    Order digital copies of air photos covering your area of interest.
  • Aerial Imagery Research Service
    Can't find what you're looking for? We're happy to do the research for you.