Requesting Aerial Photography Reproduction

To request digital reproductions of items in our aerial photography collection, fill out the Imagery Request Form below and return it to airs [at] library [dot] ucsb [dot] edu.  We will verify that we hold the requested frames in our collection and calculate the total cost of reproductions.  UC users doing UC research will not be charged for reproductions.

Our reproductions are delivered as 600 ppi resolution digital images.  High resolution scanning and custom reproductions are available.

If specific frames of interest have been identified using our aerial photography tools, you may request reproductions without conducting a search.  Please note:

  • Use online indexes with care; some indexes show images that we do not own.  All indexes for partially held flights should have a visual indicator of some sort that shows what we own and what we do not. These indicators are not always readily apparent.
  • If your reproduction request is based on a prior research request, make sure to provide us with all of the information from your search result letter.
  • MIL is not responsible for incorrect choice of frames.
  • Aerial photographs are delivered under the terms of this license.

Frames that have been identified using our on-line indexes may be viewed on-site for a $30 fee. No indexes or additional frames will be pulled without a full search fee.

For pricing, see our fee schedule.