MIL Price List

Please note:  these services are generally free for UC users.  Community users interested in air photo services can find pricing information at the AIRS homepage.

Payment information can be found here.

MIL Map Scanning and Publication Fees

Standard sheet map scanning*
MIL items smaller than 11" x 18"  (28cm x 46cm)
Oversize sheet map scanning*
MIL items up to 42 inches (107cm) wide can be scanned at up to 300 ppi
Any publication – in print or on the Web - of materials to which the U.C. Regents hold rights must be pre-approved by the Department Head. A signed agreement is required for reproduction of aerial photography for which the UC Regents hold copyright or reproduction rights.
$200 per item

* MIL does not provide scanning of personal materials.  We provide digital copies of items in our collection for personal use and study.