AIRS: Decade Research Package

A decade research package (Phase 1 ESA), will result in one photo per decade covering your area of interest (AOI).  We will deliver photos scanned at 600 ppi and centered and cropped on your AOI. 

An area of interest is defined as an area smaller than 1/4 square mile.  We will include a buffer around your AOI when cropping photos.  To submit a research request, return a completed Imagery Search Request form along with a map showing your area of interest clearly marked.  View examples of AOI maps here.


  • $30 processing fee
  • $10 per image
  • A typical package will cost $110 and include 8 photographs, with the earlier image being from between 1927 and 1940.

Sample Decade Research Package

Click the flight IDs to see full resolution images as you will receive them from us in a decade research package.  You can also get all 9 files at the same time by downloading this zip file.

Flight IDYearScale
C-307A 1928


C-4950 1938




HA-AN 1956


BTM-1961 1961




USDA-Firescope 1980


NAPP-2C 1994