Software Development Web Services and ILS Unit

The Software Development and Web Services (SWS) Unit provides strategic advice on technology and software selection for the library; deploys and customizes software packages; and creates new applications and services for the library's distinctive technology infrastructure.

 In our role as software project architects for the library, we are active in research and planning of many projects.  We collaborate with other units of the Library Information Systems Department and others throughout the library to identify the requirements for a new service, and how we can build an effective technology and service infrastructure to make it a success.

The  team leverages Open Source technologies as a means of cost-effective build-out of sophisticated technological services in the library.

Integrated Library Systems (ILS)

The ILS Group is responsible for the installation and maintenance of the database containing over 3 million records for books, journals, manuscripts, government documents, maps, microforms, music scores, sound recordings, visual materials, data files, and online resources owned by UCSB. The database is updated continually as material is ordered, received, cataloged, and loaned to patrons.

The Library Catalog interfaces with other campus applications such as Accounts Payable, Accounts Receiving, and the Registrar, as well as, applications external to UCSB such as Classic and Next Generation Melvyl.


  • Ian Lessing, Unit Head and Software Development Manager
  • Ana Fidler, Lead ILS Operations 
  • Alex Dunn, Web Programmer