Q: How much will the Library Addition and Renovation project cost?

A: Currently, the project—which includes the addition of a 3-story, 60,000 square foot building; the renovation of 92,000 square feet; seismic reinforcement; and life safety upgrades—is slated to cost approximately $76.4 million.

Q: How is the Library Addition and Renovation project being funded?

A: In fall 2012, the University of California Regents approved the full cost of the building with interim financing for the Library project. Proceeds from a state bond sale will fund the project.  

Q: Why is this project being funded and executed at this time?

A: The funds that have been allocated for the Library construction project cannot be used toward other purposes, and have been in the pipeline for many years. Additionally, the current Library buildings cannot continue to accommodate the growing student body, technological advances, and safety codes and was deemed a priority by the University, the state and the Regents.

Q: Are additional funds being raised for this project?

A: Yes, fundraising from private individuals, foundations and friends of the Library is underway for resources, technology, collections, endowment support, and digitization beyond the scope of the building. Contact Toni Arellanes-Miller, Director of Development, at tmiller [at] library [dot] ucsb [dot] edu or (805) 893-5732 for further information or to make a gift.

Q: Are student tuition or fees being used toward the Library Addition and Renovation project?

A: No student tuition or fees are being used to fund the UCSB Library project.

Q: I have more questions about the Library Addition and Renovation project. Who can I ask?

A: Questions about the Library Addition and Renovation project should be directed to project [at] library [dot] ucsb [dot] edu.