January 2013


The Library’s Addition and Renovation Project will require that portions of the Library’s collection be relocated—some temporarily and some permanently. 
The 2-story section of the Library that houses the Science and Engineering Library, Map and Imagery Laboratory, Curriuculm Lab, and Government Information Center will be completely renovated. The 8-story section—primarily humanities and social sciences—will see extensive seismic upgrades and will get an upgraded fire suppression system that requires more clearance between the stacks and ceiling. This means that stacks will be lowered by at least one shelf throughout the collection. In both sections, some areas of shelving are currently too close together for ADA compliance and must be moved.
Making these improvements means that some of the Library’s collection will be moved off-site. During construction, shelf space in the library will be reduced by up to 20%.

Frequently Asked Questions

About the Initiative

  1. What is the Library Collection Space Planning Initiative?
  2. Why does the Library need a strategic plan?
  3. Are all divisions impacted?
  4. What was the process?

About the Survey

  1. Why was a survey conducted?
  2. Who completed the survey?

About Faculty Input

  1. Were faculty able to provide input about how research is done and how they use the Library?
  2. How were faculty selected to serve on the Advisory Committee?
  3. Where can I go for updates?

About the Collection

  1. How are you determining what is being used?
  2. What is going to happen with the items that are moved out of the Library?
  3. Will these materials be moved back after construction?
  4. Will we be losing a substantial number of the books?
  5. Will the project change the profile of Library holdings? Will any subject areas have less representation than they do now?

About the Addition and Renovation

  1. How will the Addition be used?
  2. What about the older 2-story section?
  3. After this project has been completed, will we have space for newly published materials?

About Off-Site Materials

  1. How long will it take to access materials that are moved off-site?
  2. Can users go to the off-site area and browse books there?