Q: What is the Library doing to protect the environment during the Addition and Renovation project?

A: In keeping with UCSB’s track record as the university with the highest number of LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified existing buildings in the country, the renovation and new Library construction will strive for a gold LEED rating. The Library has also worked closely with Campus Design and Facilities and tree experts to identify as many trees as possible in the immediate vicinity of the Library for relocation and reuse.

Q: What features of the new construction and renovation will meet LEED certification?

A: The Library plans to introduce water efficient landscaping; water use reduction; recycling of construction waste; a white roof; energy efficient HVAC system; and green building materials, among other features.

Q: Why are trees being removed from the perimeter of the Library during the December 2012-January 2013 winter break?

A: Timing for the tree removal was guided by safety concerns and campus practice. The winter break was selected as the safest and least disruptive time for students, staff, and faculty.

Q: What was done with the trees that were removed?

A: A significant number of trees are being boxed and will be relocated to sites both on- and off-campus. In some instances where relocation is not an option, we have contracted with a local artisan to reuse the wood to create custom furniture that will be placed in the new Library.

Q: Will any new trees be planted to offset the removal of trees?

A: Yes, the project includes a comprehensive landscaping component that will repopulate the area around the addition and renovation with new trees, consistent with the University’s long term sustainability plan.

Q: Were students and faculty consulted about the removal of trees around the Library?

A: Yes. The UCSB Design Review Committee is a committee comprised of faculty, staff, student representatives, and consulting architects that makes recommendations to the Campus Planning Committee on issues of architectural and landscape design at UCSB. The committee has been involved for many years with reviewing plans for the Library Addition and Renovation Project.

Q: I have more questions about the Library Addition and Renovation project. Who can I ask?

A: Questions about the Library Addition and Renovation project should be directed to project [at] library [dot] ucsb [dot] edu.