Q: What is the Library Collection Space Planning Initiative?

The Initiative is a committee-directed strategic plan for relocating Library collections to serve faculty and student needs during the Library Addition and Renovation Project, ensuring that the most-needed materials are available on-site and that access to less-used materials is as quick and efficient as possible.

Q: Why does the Library need a strategic plan?

The Library Addition and Renovation Project will begin this year. To prepare for the beginning of construction, the Library must
1. determine which materials to move
2. make changes to catalog records to reflect these new locations, and
3. move approximately 130,000 volumes out of the Library to off-site locations. 
To develop the best strategy for determining which research materials will remain in the Library building during and after construction, the Library has surveyed all faculty and graduate students about your use of the collections, your research needs and related services you use for accessing research information.

Q: Are all divisions impacted? 

Yes.  The Initiative continues a long-term and ongoing assessment that will continue to shape all areas and collections of the library. 

Q: What was the process?

1. The University Librarian established an Advisory Committee of faculty members and library users to help create a survey for faculty and graduate students on their use of Library collections for research and teaching.
2. The confidential survey was conducted online via email notifications and invitations to participate.
3. Based on the results of the survey and collection analysis, the Advisory Committee made recommendations for a strategic plan that will address research material needs during and after Library construction.
4. The Library will continue to analyze usage trends and needs by examining circulation, acquisitions, online availability, and duplication/redundancy of collection materials.

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