Q: How are you determining collection use?

The Library was informed by faculty and other researchers through data from the Survey, and analyzed circulation and usage statistics. Our goal is to provide the best possible access to the information you need. In many cases this will be in print, via books in the library or retrieved from off-site storage. In other cases, content may be digitized.

Q: What is going to happen with the items that are moved out of the Library?

In the short term, materials will be stored off-site in a nearby location and made available to patrons though Interlibrary Loan or digitally.
In the medium term the Library faces a demanding but exciting challenge to preserve the size and value of the collection while fully embracing the possibilities created by digital services. Ultimately, this is likely to lead to the creation of a specialty off-site storage, retrieval and digitization facility owned by the campus and replacing the current leased building options referred to as Annex I and Annex 2. This should allow us to implement new services and enhance existing ones, leading to improvements such as faster retrieval times.

Q: Will these materials be moved back after construction?

For the most part, no. New and renovated spaces have been allocated to various collections, services, and study needs. We also want to keep space available for newly published materials.

Q: Will we be losing a substantial number of the books?

No, the intent is not to remove (or deaccession) materials from the collection. Rather, we will relocate materials based on input from the survey and from collection analysis. We will determine the most efficient method of storage and retrieval, whether on-site, off-site, or electronic.

Q: Will the project change the profile of Library holdings? Will any subject areas have less representation than they do now?

No.  Since we are not eliminating access to any research materials, the profile of the library holdings will not change.

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