The University has recently learned that the 8-story tower in the Davidson Library complex requires seismic retrofitting in order to meet current standards. The retrofit – now being studied – will be incorporated in the existing Addition and Renovation project.  The work necessary to correct seismic issues in the 8-story tower and fire/safety and ADA requirements will result in some space being permanently impacted.  The Library anticipates a potential resulting loss of up to 20% of current materials capacity in the tower – populated primarily with humanities and social sciences titles.  The exact number or volumes impacted will depend upon the final design and construction plans for the seismic retrofit and whether some affected space is recoverable for materials replacement.  We have tasked the design team to identify all options to mitigate volume loss.
We have begun statistical analysis of collection characteristics and activity.  Another critical need is relevant and reliable information from all faculty and graduate students about the possible impacts of alternatives for accessing materials. This will help to establish a sustainable consultative process for long-term collection planning. To meet this goal in a timely manner, an ad hoc committee composed of faculty and student representatives is being assembled.  The ad hoc committee will:

  • Assist with identifying key research and instructional considerations for evaluating collection access alternatives.
  • Collaborate with the Library to evaluate and validate conclusions reached from data collected from faculty and graduate students regarding their use of collections and the possible impacts of alternative access.

The Library will provide more detailed information and reports of progress to stakeholders through various communication channels (including The Lens newsletter, the Library Website, and direct electronic communication).