Library Catalog: Find Books by a Specific Author

You can search the library catalog for books by author in the Basic Search or Advanced Search:

  • In the drop-down menu, select "Author Keyword" or "Author (last name first)"
  • In the next box, type the author's name in the format LAST NAME, FIRST NAME if you have selected "Author (last name first)."
  • If you do not know the author's first name, leave it out or type the first initial if you have selected "Author (last name first)."

Under search type, select

  • Type in the author's name.

Type in the Author's name, in this case, Perec, Georges


  • You will see a list of authors. Choose your author from the list.

Choose your author from the list that appears.

  • Choose desired title from the list.
  • Click on the number next to the title you want to see its full record. Select the call number to check for circulation status. You can also see whether or not the library's copy has been checked out by looking for the numbers on the right. "1/0" means the library owns one copy and that copy is available. "1/1" means the library owns 1 copy and that copy is currently checked out.

Select the book you want from the list

Search the library catalog now.