Upcoming Exhibitions


ShellSymmetry and Aesthetics in Contemporary Physics, 2016

UCSB Library (Tower Gallery, 1st Floor, Ocean Side)
Opens Fall 2016

For the second year, the Library will showcase the final projects from an experimental seminar that explores the connections between contemporary physics, math, and the arts. The course, Symmetry and Aesthetics in Contemporary Physics, is taught by Dr. Jatila van der Veen.

There will be a public reception with refreshments at which students will present their final projects on Friday, June 3 at 4:00 pm in the Library's new Instruction and Training Room 1312.

Isla VistaIsla Vista—Building a Community, 1970-2016

UCSB Library (Special Research Collections, 3rd Floor, Mountain Side)
Opens Fall 2016

French Adrian-pattern helmetHelmets from the Great War (1914-1918): Battle, Technology, and Culture

UCSB Library (Mountain Gallery, 1st Floor)
Opens November 2016

The widespread introduction of steel protective helmets was among the major military and cultural changes wrought by the Great War (1914-1918). This exhibition will showcase original helmets and include photographs and other artifacts from World War I.

Pulse of a CityPulse of a City

UCSB Library
Opens November 2016

This interactive exhibition created by Assistant Professor Krzysztof Janowicz (Geography) visualizes urban patterns using geo social media.

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