Honor With Books

Honor with Books bookplateCelebrate the achievement of a family member or friend: a graduation, a birth, anniversary or life well-lived. Honor with Books is a lasting and meaningful way to pay tribute to or to memorialize someone special in your life.

Your contribution of $100 for 1 volume (or $500 for 6 volumes) will be reflected by a customized plate in a newly acquired book in a subject area of your choice (Arts and Music, Social Sciences, Humanities, Sciences-Engineering, etc.) The name of the honored person(s) and the donor will be inscribed on the permanent bookplate and will also appear in the book’s online catalog entry. A letter of acknowledgement and a copy of the bookplate will be provided to the donor and the honoree or the honoree’s family.

To give to Honor with Books, please complete the Honor With Books form and mail your check or credit card information to: UCSB Library, Office of Development, University of California, Santa Barbara, CA 93106-9010.