Submitting Electronic Reserves

Electronic Reserves (ERes) is a course management service that allows students enrolled in classes to log in to password-protected course pages where they can access readings online.  It is available 24 hours a day and may be used simultaneously by multiple users.  ERes is available on and off campus, so students do not need to wait in line to access material.  There are no due dates, no overdue fines, and no wear-and-tear on material posted on ERes.

Setting up an ERes Course Page

  • To set up an ERes course page, bring clean copies of documents (acceptable formats) to the Services Desk, or attach electronic files to an email and send them to rbs [at] library [dot] ucsb [dot] edu.  You must include:
    • Course Number (e.g. HIST 100A)
    • Course Name
    • Instructor Name
    • Contact Information (email or telephone number)
    • Bibliographic Information
  • You may ask supervisors at the Services Desk to help you fill out the Course Reserves List.  Please have the following Information available:
    • Course Number (e.g. HIST 100A)
    • Course Name
    • Instructor Name
    • Contact Information (email or telephone number)
    • Bibliographic Information
  • You must include the full bibliographic citation, clearly and legibly written or typed, on the first page of any document that comes from a copyright protected source.  If the bibliographic citation is not included, the document cannot be posted.  Course Reserves staff will either search for the information or will ask the instructor to provide it, which may significantly delay the posting of the material.

ERes Sites and Passwords

  • Once material has been submitted for ERes, the Course Reserves staff will create an ERes course page and assign it a unique password.  The password is sent to the instructor via email.  The password, which is unique and is assigned at random for each course, ensures that the ERes pages are available only to the instructor, teaching assistants, and students enrolled in the class.  The password may not be posted on any public website, or through any other public medium.  Instructors may not choose their own passwords, and passwords do not carry over from one quarter to another.  All ERes course pages must be password-protected, even if the page does not have copyrighted material.

Limitations and Copyright Considerations

  • You may post original course-generated documents such as PowerPoint slide programs, lecture notes, handwritten homework assignments and solutions, practice exams, and the like.
  • You may post copyright protected material if you have permission or license from the copyright holder(s) prior to posting, or if the material falls within the “fair use” provisions of copyright law. In general, you may post short excerpts from written works or journals.  You may also directly link public online resources that maintain stable web addresses, as well as articles from online journals to which UCSB subscribes, to an ERes course page.
  • Due to limited resources and copyright restrictions, Course Reserves does not post material from course readers on ERes.  If you wish to make your course reader available to your students through the library, you must submit to the Services Desk bound copies that have been packaged by a document duplication service.
  • Reproductions of any length taken from academic textbooks and consumable works (solutions manuals, lab manuals, workbooks, standardized tests, etc.) may not be posted on ERes without the explicit written permission from the copyright holder(s).
  • Student academic works (research papers, exams, essays, etc.) are confidential and may not be placed on Course Reserves without the student author’s explicit permission.  A template of the Student Permission Form is available, and copies are also available at the Services Desk.
  • You may post links to other websites as long as the link is stable and points to a webpage that is not password protected.  A stable link is one in which the web address can be bookmarked and successfully returned to repeatedly.
  • ERes can link to articles from electronic journals, as long as UCSB has a current subscription or open access to the electronic journal.  Please submit the stable link to the article, or the full bibliographic citation to the article and a note indicating the electronic journal database (e.g. JSTOR) where the stable link to the article can be found.
  • You may not post documents on ERes yourself. 

Reactivating Course Reserves From Previous Quarters

  • You may reactivate ERes course pages from up to two academic years prior to the current quarter.  Send an email to rbs [at] library [dot] ucsb [dot] edu requesting the specific course from which you want to reactivate material.  If the material previously posted on ERes was copyright protected, the Course Reserves staff must determine whether the same material falls under “fair use” once again before they can re-post it.

Processing Requests

  • Documents and electronic files are typically posted on ERes within four business hours of being submitted, except as described in the following paragraph. If a document or an electronic file is submitted before 2:00 pm on a business day, we make every effort to have the material posted on ERes by 5:00 pm when the department closes for the day. The Course Reserves department is not staffed on weekends or holidays.
  • Please Note: During the week before and after the beginning of each academic quarter, the Course Reserves department receives a substantial amount of submissions for both print reserves and ERes.  It is quite possible that ERes submissions will not be posted for up to two business days during this extremely busy time. To ensure that Course Reserves material is available for your students during the first few days of the quarter, please submit the material one full month before the start of the academic quarter.

Return of Course Reserves Materials

  • Physical copies of documents and reprints that you have submitted for ERes will be returned to your campus department at the end of each academic quarter.  You may come to the Services Desk to retrieve your material at any time; however, it is best to let us hold on to any ERes material in case we need to re-scan it.  You can always print a copy of a document that is posted on your ERes course page if you need one.