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There will be no off-campus access to Library electronic resources and databases this Friday, November 28 from 6-10pm. Library buildings are also closed for the Thanksgiving holiday during that time.

Library Committees

Committee chairs are highlighted

Aleph Technical Services Committee (Policies and Procedures)

Juanita Hernandez, David Howarter, Claudia Jimenez, Temmo Korisheli, Elaine McCracken, Catherine Nelson
Updated 10/05/09

Circulation Support Group Committee

Scott Hathaway, Claudia Jimenez, Gary Johnson, Barbara Lansdon, Lorna Lueck, Nick LaViola, Chris Palacio
Updated 9/2/2011

Classification Committee

Linda Broderick, Scott Hathaway, Catherine Nelson
Updated 9/2/2011

Collection Coordinators

Sherri Barnes, Cathy Chiu, Gary Colmenar, Andrea Duda, Michael Kim, Christian  Layow, Janet Martorana, Catherine Nelson, Lora Richards, Eunice Schroeder, Sócrates Silva 
Updated 11/18/2014

Diversity Committee

Cathy Chiu, Sherri Barnes, Sal Güereña, Terry Hori, Susan Moon
Updated 12/19/2011

Ethnic, Gender, Area Studies Collection Managers

Sherri Barnes, Linda Broderick, Cathy Chiu, Gary Colmenar, Jane Faulkner, Meryl Gaston, Sal Güereña, Annie Platoff, Eunice Schroeder, Sócrates Silva, Jennifer Thompson, Sally Willson Weimer
Updated 9/2/2011

Exhibitions Committee

Sal Güereña, Rebecca Metzger, Susan Moon, Tom Moon, Alex Regan, Chrissy Rissmeyer, Jonathan Rissmeyer, David Seubert
Updated 2/3/2014

Humanities Collection Managers

Sherri Barnes, Catherine Busselen, Richard Caldwell, Gary Colmenar, Jane Faulker, Leahkim Gannett, Meryle Gaston, Susan Moon, Chizu Morihara, Eunice Schroeder, David Seubert
Updated 6/4/2013

LAUC Committees

Library Catalog Systems Group

John Ajao, Angela Boyd, Cathy Chiu, Ana Fidler, Ann Hefferman, Jon Jablonski, Claudia Jimenez, Michael Kim, Ian Lessing, Elaine McCracken, Barbara Millett, Janet Martorana, Chizu Morihara, Catherine Nelson, Elizabeth Rodriguez, David Seubert
Updated 6/30/2014

Library Catalog Web Task Force

John Ajao, Angela Boyd, Richard Caldwell, Ana Fidler, Temmo Korisheli, Ian Lessing, Lorna Lueck, Janet Martorana, Annie Platoff,  David Seubert
Updated 7/1/2014

Library Instruction Team

Richard Caldwell, Jane Faulkner, Chuck Huber, Kristen LaBonte, Chizu Morihara, Eunice Schroeder
Updated 9/2/2011

Preservation Advisory Committee

David Howarter, Catherine Nelson, Eunice Schroeder, David Seubert
Updated 5/4/2000

Public Computing Advisory Group

John Ajao, Angela Boyd, Claudia Jimenez, Gary Johnson, Lorna Lueck, Chizu Morihara, Annie Platoff
Updated 6/4/2013

Scholarly Communication/Open Access Committee

Sherri Barnes, Cathy Chiu, Gary Colmenar, Andrea Duda, Jane Faulkner, Chuck Huber, Kristen LaBonte, Janet Martorana, Eunice Schroeder, Sócrates Silva, Stephanie Tulley

Updated 6/4/2013

Sciences-Engineering Collection Managers

Angela Boyd, Andrea Duda, Chuck Huber, Jon Jablonski, Kristen LaBonte, Annie Platoff
Updated 1/9/2014

Social Sciences Collection Managers

Angela Boyd, Richard Caldwell, Gary Colmenar, Jon Jablonski, Lorna Lueck, Elaine McCracken, Chizu Morihara, Socrates Silva, Jennifer Thompson, Stephanie Tulley, Sally Willson Weimer
Updated 6/4/2013

Staff Representatives Group

Norma Clarke, Alyce Harris, Temmo Korisheli, Susan Mahaffey, Tom Moon, Eric Mulhaupt, Lora Richards
Updated 9/9/2011

Sustainable Actions Needed Everywhere (SANE)

Margaret Rankin, Kitty Graae, Ann Hefferman, Kristen LaBonte
Updated 6/4/2013

Technical Services Workflow Task Force

User Services Group

Yolanda Blue, Richard Caldwell, Cathy Chiu, Jane Faulkner, Scott Hathaway, Ann Hefferman, Jon Jablonski, Claudia Jimenez, Gary Johnson, Nick LaViola, Lorna Lueck, Susan Moon, Eric Mulhaupt, Annie Platoff, Eunice Schroeder, David Seubert
Updated 6/4/2013

Website Review Committee

Rya Agatep, Margaret Evans, Leahkim Gannett, Ann Hefferman, Nick Laviola, Rebecca Metzger, Annie Platoff
Updated 3/27/2014

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