Asian American Studies Collection Development Policy


The purpose of the Asian American Studies collection is to provide support for the undergraduate program in the Asian American Studies Department. The collection also supports the interdisciplinary research work of the faculty and students in the department.

Major areas of interest cover the historical and socio-cultural development of Asians in America since the nineteenth century, and contemporary Asian American issues and problems. Instructional emphasis is in the Social Sciences, and to a lesser exten t, the Humanities.

Academic need for library materials is primarily in the Asian American Studies Department. However, since Asian American studies is interdisciplinary in nature, the materials in the collection serve the work of other faculty members in other departments in the social sciences and the humanities such as, history and sociology. In addition courses related to Asian American Studies are offered in other departments.


A. Language. Primarily English language publications including translations to the English language. As necessary, publications in Asian languages are acquired and shelved in the East Asian Studies Collection of the Davidson Library .

B. Chronological limits. Nineteenth and Twentieth Century.

C. Date of publication. Emphasis on current publications, including reprints. Retrospective material acquired selectively.

D. Geographical areas. Principally the United States and Canada.

E. Types of publishers. Academic and trade publishers. Also publications issued by groups and organizations concerned with Asian American issues.


A. Inclusions. Monographs, serials and reference materials including specialized subject bibliographies. Government documents and dissertations acquired selectively. B.

Exclusions. Not applicable. IV.

OTHER RESOURCES Both UCLA and UCB have strong collections in Asian American studies, which are available through Interlibrary Loan.


Author: colmenar [at] library [dot] ucsb [dot] edu (Gary Colmenar).
Policy Last Updated: October 2004