Content Management Services (CMS) is composed of four clusters: Original Cataloging, Copy Cataloging, Database Management, and Data Curation / Metadata.

Content Management Services supports user access to library resources in multiple ways:

  • Provides cataloging and metadata for general, special, and digital collections, including art, government publications, music, media, and UCSB dissertations in all subject areas, in many languages, and in various formats
  • Provides consistent forms of names, titles, and subjects to bring related works and concepts together in the catalog (authority control)
  • Maintains the catalog, correcting catalog errors, adding copies and volumes, and synchronizing the UCSB catalog with Melvyl (the all-UC catalog)
  • Maintains the collection, adding and withdrawing copies and volumes, transferring materials to the Southern Regional Library Facility (SRLF)
  • Coordinates cataloging and metadata standards, policies, and procedures with local, UC systemwide, and national requirements