Digital Signage Policy

Scope and Purpose

The purpose of UCSB Library’s new digital signage is to communicate Library-specific messages to building visitors in a visually compelling and flexible way. Two screens are located near the elevator on the 1st floor of the 4-story section of the Library. Library collections, services, events, and news are publicized through scrolling messages that incorporate text, graphics, and animation, but not sound. The signs will be used heavily to communicate during the construction period of the Library Addition and Renovation Project.


UCSB Library’s Outreach and Academic Collaboration Department is responsible for producing the content being displayed on digital screens in the Library, as well as for managing the technical and procedural elements of the digital signage program. 

Content Submission

Outreach welcomes suggestions from Library staff and users for suitable messaging to be added to the screens. Content must be related to UCSB Library collections, services, events, and news.  The Outreach and Academic Collaboration Department will make the final determination of what is appropriate for display on the Library’s digital signs. 

Proposed content for digital signage should be submitted to the Outreach Team at least one week before intended display. This allows time to develop, design, review, and test the digital slides.

To submit an idea, please provide relevant details (date, time, basic message), suggested images, as well as the timeframe for which you would like the message to gain exposure. Messages can remain in the scrolling loop for anywhere between one hour and one quarter, and can be scheduled to appear only on specific dates. Keep in mind that digital slides usually stay up for less than 30 seconds, and that detailed text and long URLs are not appropriate for digital signs. The Outreach Team will respond to your email within two business days and will work with you to develop the slides.

Send content submissions and questions via email to outreach [at] library [dot] ucsb [dot] edu.